Shipping Policy

Modified on 2007/12/27 11:34 by Administrator — Categorized as: Policies ships direct to the United States and Canada. We have multiple methods of shipping allowing us to deliver direct to you using the most efficient transportation.

How does the shipping process work?

Once we have secured funds for the purchased products we will ship the products using one of our several methods. We will determine the best method of transportation to get your products to their destination as quick and safe as possible.

Does use 3rd party freight companies?

Yes, we use multiple freight companies which, because of our high volumes, we have negotiated outstanding discounts with. In the case goods are damaged during shipping a claim would be created directly with the freight company. Please make sure the actual goods are damaged and not just their packaging. Flooring packaging is designed to take the wear and tear (crushed, ripped or torn cartons) of shipping instead of the flooring.

Please inspect the contents upon delivery and record any damages.

Our freight partners will deliver to curbside and require the purchaser to have someone available to receive the goods upon delivery.

What happens if freight is damaged during shipping?

Your flooring has been picked from first quality material and should be at or above all manufacturers' qualifications when it leaves our facilities. During the shipping process cartons and boxes do get damaged and torn. This is normal wear and tear on the packing materials and typically is enough to protect your material through the shipping process.

In the rare occasion you merchandise is damaged during shipping you must do the following:

You must accept all material from the delivery truck. Attention: Shipments must be accepted at the time of delivery or will be treated as a return and will be subjected to all associated restock and shipping costs. Even if there is damage on the order, you MUST note the damage and ACCEPT the order. We will file a damage claim with the shipper and replace or refund the damaged items noted.

Make note of damage material on bill of lading before signing to accept. Make sure driver has a copy to be documented by the delivery company.

If possible please take pictures and make note(s) of damaged material. Contact us immediately to ensure speedy resolution of the claim. In most cases, will file the claim with the delivering company and will ship replacement material for damaged merchandise.

From time to time upon the delivery of your order you may find cartons to be torn, ripped, or some other type of visible damage. At first glimpse the damage may seem serious, but keep in mind the cartons are meant to take the damage and not the flooring. If the flooring in the cartons happens to be damaged during the shipment, this is most likely due to negligence of the freight company. More than likely, only a couple sections of boards have been damage among a carton of good ones. If this is the case, at the time of delivery, you must document any and all damage to your material on the Bill of Lading, and contact the shipping company to make a verbal record of the damaged goods. Failure to take immediate action on your part will relinquish your right to a claim. Please accept all material and expand your inspection of the damage by examining the material in better detail. In the instance where only a few boards were damaged, simply cut out the damaged portion of the board and save the remaining undamaged piece for your installation. If you have a case where a vast majority of the carton is damaged simply combine all the damaged pieces from your cartons to make complete cartons of the damaged wood only and we will set up a claim with the freight company to replace those cartons. Please keep in mind that wood is natures product and most manufacturers allow for 5% flawed or unusable product in there product lines, and one or two damaged pieces does not qualify for an entire carton to be replaced. REMEMBER YOU MUST DOCUMENT ALL DAMAGE WITH CARRIER ON SHIPPING INVOICE AND CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY AT 877-737-0735

To save time and money, 1AFlooring ships direct from Mohawk whenever possible so we are NOT the shipper or the receiver. Because of this, on all Mohawk orders damaged due to shipping on UPS, Fedex, DHL or Airborne Express, the consumer is responsible for creating a claim with the carrier.

How long does shipping take?

This depends on the method and distance to ship. Typically you can figure less than 7 business days for delivery once you material has left the warehouse. We will post all tracking information to your account as it becomes available. This information is acceptable by logging into website and clicking on the "Track" option. is dedicated to making the shipping process as quick and painless as possibly.

As always, contact us if you have any questions at