Caring for your Teragren Floors

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Dirt & Dust Teragren recommends vacuuming or sweeping in order to remove dirt and grit prior to cleaning the flooring.

Spills When a spill occurs, make sure to soak up the bulk liquid promptly.

Cleaning Do not use wax, oil soap or other household cleaners. Teragren recommends using WoodWise Floor Cleaner by Design Hardwood Products (800.424.7092) or Bona Swedish Formula® MicroPlus Hardwood Floor Cleaner by BonaKemi USA, Inc. (800.574.4674).

Sunlight As with all natural products, exposure to the sun and ultra-violet rays can accelerate the oxidation of bamboo. Because caramelized bamboo products will lighten and natural bamboo products will tend to darken over time, periodically rearrange rugs and furniture to allow for even aging of the flooring. Use area rugs in high traffic areas. Install wood guards on the feet or legs of furniture.

Re-coat or refinish Proper care and maintenance can extend the life of your floor for many years; however, at some time a re-coat or total refinishing may be desirable. To re-coat your floor and remain in conformance with the Teragren warranty, follow the manufacturer's instructions at either of the following: Basic Coatings Tykote Sandless Re-coating System (800.441. 1934) or BonaPrep™ Re-coating Adhesion System by BonaKemi USA (800.872.5515).