Foresbec Flooring Warranty

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Thank you for choosing factory-varnished hardwood flooring products. No substitute offers the quality and advantages of wood, a natural material. In the long run, its durability and longevity make it one of the most economical and hygienic floor surfaces available.

Since the 1990s, Foresbec Inc. has been manufacturing solid hardwood strips that exceed the North American industry’s highest quality standards. Foresbec Inc. uses a unique process to create its factory-varnished flooring . State-of-the-art technology, precision milling, and the fineness of the Micro-V strips are pledges of an easy-to-install, impeccable quality flooring product. DuraStar, a finishing process exclusive to , protects the strips with layers of ultraresistant urethane. DuraStar contains aluminium oxide and other anti-abrasive ingredients that maximize resistance to abrasion. Ten layers of urethane are applied and dried using a unique ultraviolet process that ensures incomparable superior-quality finish and appearance. Moreover, Moisture Guard protection, exclusive to , is spread over the strip bottoms, helping prevent dilation and/or expansion of the strips due to seasonal changes in relative humidity.

Thanks to its unique innovations, sophisticated manufacturing processes and high monitoring standards, guarantees your complete satisfaction with your hardwood flooring for many years to come.


Foresbec Inc. provides a 25-year limited warranty on its prefinished hardwood flooring products manufactured after 01 January 2000 with the exclusive DuraStar finish. Under the terms of this warranty, Foresbec Inc., commits to repair, revarnish or replace a defective product, as determined by Foresbec Inc., should the warranty apply. In the event that corrective measures cannot be taken, Foresbec Inc. will reimburse the purchaser the percentage of the purchase price of the defective portion of the flooring equal to the percentage representing the remainder of the term of the warranty, according to its initial term and subject to the conditions and exclusions outlined below.

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the product and is not transferable. To make a warranty claim the original purchaser must retain his/her receipt and/or other proof of purchase.

The warranty covers structural and finishing defects in the wood strips. It guarantees that the strips are free of milling and processing flaws and classification errors. It applies to all manufacturing defects and classification errors as well as all stain (if applicable) and DuraStar application flaws. A margin of error or imperfection not exceeding 5% is an accepted industry standard and therefore does not constitute a structural and/or finishing defect under the terms of this warranty.

Foresbec Inc. further guarantees the DuraStar finish applied to it boards against total wear, flaking or peeling for a twenty-five (25) year period beginning on the date the product was purchased. Totally worn out areas must extend over at least 10% of the entire floor.

This warranty only applies to flooring purchased at an authorized dealer and paid in full.

The warranty applies only to flooring installed for residential use.

The warranty applies only when flooring is installed in compliance with the installation and maintenance guide printed on each box of boards or by a specialized flooring installer recommended by an authorized dealer, which generally ensures a professional and compliant installation of the product. A more detailed version of the installation and maintenance guide can be found on our website:

In order to benefit from the warranty, the purchaser must comply with the maintenance instructions and preventive measures indicated hereafter.


It is the owner’s and/or installer’s responsibility to check the product before beginning installation. Each nailed or glued (installed) strip will be considered accepted by the installer and/or owner and cannot subsequently be included in a warranty claim against manufacturing or classification defects. If the grade selection, manufacturing quality or quality of the finish are not satisfactory, please stop installation immediately and contact your dealer. If a strip has a noticeable defect, it’s best to set it aside rather than install it and alter the general appearance of your floor. If this should happen, the defective strip can, in most cases, be repaired by cutting to save the unaffected part.

A manual nailer is far better than a pneumatic one for novice installers.

Installation onto a radiant heating system must be done according to installation standards approved by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA).

Place a mat at each entrance and in front of kitchen workstations as a preventive measure. We also recommend you lift heavy furniture to move it and use pads under chair and table legs. Place a protective rug or plexiglass mat under a chair with rollers; do not roll casters directly onto the floor. Regular maintenance is necessary to preserve the beauty of your hardwood floor. Vacuum regularly to eliminate any abrasives such as sand. Quickly wipe all spills.


Products sold for scrap, classified as seconds, or sold as is are not covered by the warranty.

The warranty excludes damage caused by water, detergents, pet claws, spike-heeled shoes, sharp objects, abrasives (salt, sand, glass, etc), or hammering, rubbing or falling objects.

Neglecting the maintenance of the floor will void the warranty.

Improper installation, improper use of installation tools or the use of non-recommended, improperly adjusted or defective installation tools will void the warranty.

Storing the product in an inappropriate location, transporting it in inclement weather or installing it in an environment that is likely to deteriorate the wood, wear it out prematurely or change its physical structure will void the warranty.

The colour of the stain will change if exposed to sunlight; this is a natural phenomenon which is not covered by the warranty. Occasionally move rugs, mats and furniture to even out progressive colour changes in the wood.

Wood is a natural material which can dilate and contract with the seasons and normal heating cycles which affect its moisture content. Even if the floor was properly installed, some strips may dilate slightly at various times of the year. This can be explained by the fact that wood expands as relative humidity increases, and contracts or shrinks in low relative humidity. These slight differences are not covered by the warranty. It is important to maintain the relative humidity in the home at a constant 40% to 45%, using a humidifier or dehumidifier as required. Room temperature should be comfortable, between 18°C and 22°C (64oF and 72oF).

The warranty does not cover labour or transportation charges or other losses or expenses incurred by a defect covered by the warranty. Foresbec Inc’s responsibility is limited to the replacement of the product only or to its repair, according to the solution chosen by Foresbec Inc, according to the terms of this warranty.

No distributor, dealer, installer, agent, salesman or representative of Foresbec Inc is authorized to change and/or add to the conditions and/or life of this warranty.

This warranty specifically excludes and replaces any other warranty related to these products, including the legal warranty in jurisdictions where the exclusion of such warranty could be validly stipulated. The product buyer cannot in any circumstances, therefore, exercise any rights or recourse against Foresbec Inc, regardless of its nature, except for those specifically provided for in this warranty and its conditions.


In order to be valid, your residential warranty must be registered within 30 days of purchase. To register, simply print and fill out the form at the following URL: and mail it to the following address:

Foresbec Foresfloor Customer Service 1750 Haggerty St. Drummondville (Quebec) J2C 5P8


Should you wish to use your warranty, you must first contact the authorized dealer where the product was purchased. If the dealer cannot answer your questions and offer complete satisfaction, please send us your remarks and comments, in writing, no later than six (6) months after the defect first became apparent, but within the period covered by the warranty. You must enclose a copy of your proof of purchase at an authorised dealer, a copy of your installation invoice (if applicable), and copies of any other documents related to the product, purchase or installation.

Foresbec Inc reserves a period of thirty (30) days from the receipt of the claim to investigate, research, and check the purchase date, original owner’s identity and proof of purchase. During this period, alterations, replacements or repairs must not be done, otherwise the warranty will be void.

Contact information:

Foresbec Foresfloor Customer Service 1750 Haggerty St. Drummondville (Quebec) J2C 5P8