Warranty Policy

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All of the flooring on our site is sold with manufacturer warranty, unless otherwise stated in the product description. Warranties cover you against manufacturer defect with the finish and in some case the structural integrity of the flooring. Please read the manufacturer’s warranty for specific floors of interest in more detail to see the degree in which they cover your flooring. Warranties DO NOT cover the following: Changes in color or fading within the floor. This is caused primarily by direct light. I.E. sunlight or direct ceiling lights. You should use directional blinds in your windows to help deter the light from your flooring, this will help prolong the life of your original floor color. Damaged caused to your flooring due to “normal” wear or extreme conditions are not covered by warranty. Normal wear may include, but limited to pet’s claws, high heels, furniture being pulled across floors, children’s toys etc. Extreme conditions may include but are not limited to excessive moisture in the air, neglectful installation causing hammer indentations, water leaks which may cause cupping, buckling, above average expansion and contraction or staining of your floor etc.

Being that flooring is a natural product, colors may vary from board to board and this is common. Please remember that flooring is NOT sold by dye lot or batch number, but is sold by name, and category. Once you have signed for your material and installed it, you have subsequently deemed your floor acceptable, and any problems with the floor hereafter will be covered under the manufactures warranty. 1AFlooring.com will assist you only as a contact between you and the manufacturer to help you record your issue with said company. Please remember to check the floor care link on our site for proper care of your new hardwood floors. 1AFlooring.com reserves the right to refuse business to any customer that we feel may be a risk. As a company we stand by our policies and make no other direct or indirect warranties for products we sell. All dispute will be settled according to MA law.