Natures Charm TRB Warranty

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Product Warranty This residential warranty covers the factory applied UV cured aluminum oxide finish on TRB Floorings Nature’s Charm Prefinished Hardwood Flooring. TRB Flooring will warranty for 25 years from the date of purchase, ware through to bare wood and peel/blister separation of the factory finish on TRB Flooring’s Nature’s Charm prefinished floor. This warranty is only for the original purchaser, applies to normal residential traffic and proper care & maintenance of this hardwood floor must be followed. This warranty covers TRB Flooring’s solid ¾” residential hardwood flooring products. The relative humidity at the site must not go below 35 % and cannot exceed 65 %. All hardwood floors should maintain moisture content between 7 & 9 %. Changes in gloss levels over time are not considered a defect. This warranty is non-transferable.

Note: Pre-installation warranty is the responsibility of the installer. Site conditions must be acceptable. Inspection of the floor needs to be done prior to installation. The industry allows for 5 - 7 % waste and factory defects, knots, grading defects and minor splits must be found and crosscut prior to installation. Damage done by shipping, storage and handling is not covered. Once the flooring has been installed the hardwood flooring installer has approved the floor. TRB Flooring will be liable for only the manufactures defects that exceed 5 %. Replacement is for material only less transportation, installation and storage. If the wood is an issue STOP the job / DO NOT install. Go to the contact page ( or call 910-329-1642..

Warranty Exclusions

Moisture - wet sub floor or moisture from on top or underneath.

Negligence - scratches or indentations from accumulated dirt on floor.

Installation - poor workmanship or improper nailing schedule.

Maintenance - vacuum often, clean up spills and remove grit.

Shrinkage (excessive) - caused by heat and no humidification.

Expansion (excessive) - caused by too much humidity or moisture.

Grain Variation and Color - natural exotic hardwood has a great range of color.

Color Fastness - exotic will darken in color from exposure to sunlight.

Pets- urine will blacken all hardwoods and dents and scratches will occur.

Concrete - solid ¾ hardwood flooring should not be glued to concrete.