Floor Care

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Somerset Hardwood Flooring features the latest in surface finishing technology. Somerset's Ultimate™ finish is an advanced formulation of polyurethane coupled with aluminum oxide. This combination produces a finish with exceptional hardness, more scratch resistance and longer gloss retention — so your floor will stay looking like-new with minimal effort.

Routine Care

• Sweep or vacuum your hardwood floor on a regular basis (about once a week) just as you would any floor covering.

• Clean up spills with Somerset's Ultimate Wood Floor Cleaner™ which is specially formulated for the Ultimate finish. This product should also be used for general cleaning, as needed.

Somerset's Specially-Formulated Care Products

We recommend using Somerset Floor Care Products to maintain the beauty of your floor. Somerset's Ultimate Wood Floor Cleaner™ has been developed to protect and maintain the Ultimate™ finish. This cleaner has been specially-formulated for the easy cleaning and care of flooring in Somerset's Color, Maple, Exotic, Country, Specialty and Value Collections. The use of other products not formulated for your Somerset floor may damage your floor, and void the warranty (see Somerset’s warranty for complete details).


Minor surface scratches can be easily repaired using the Somerset Touch-Up Kit designed for your floor color. Touch-Up Kits are available from the dealer or installer from whom you purchased your Somerset floor.

Floors that have been damaged from years of wear and tear or neglect can be restored to their original beauty by sanding, staining and refinishing. For best results, we recommend this be done by a professional wood flooring refinisher.

If your decorating needs change over the years, your floor can be refinished to a new color to complement your new decor. Again, we recommend this be done by a professional wood flooring refinisher.

By properly caring for your floor and following basic preventative maintenance tips and common sense, you can keep your floor looking new for years, delaying and possibly eliminating the need for major refinishing or repair. When you make the decision to purchase Somerset Hardwood Flooring, you are making an investment that will last the lifetime of your home, giving you many years of enjoyment and adding value to your home.