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Mohawk Hardwood Warranty

Modified on 2007/12/27 14:06 by Administrator Categorized as Mohawk
Limited Warranty for Prefinished Solid, Engineered, and Longstrip Floors

Manufacturing Defects

Mohawk Industries, Inc. ("Manufacturer") hereby warrants to the original buyer ("Buyer"), the goods to be free from manufacturing defects for as long as you own your home. Hardwood is a natural product and may have naturally occurring blemishes. The owner/installer of a Mohawk Hardwood Floor must use reasonable selectivity and hold out or cut off objectionable naturally occurring blemishes.

Finish Warranty

The Mohawk Hardwood finish is warranted against wear through or lack of finish adhesion. See product sample or your retailer for duration of warranty on specific products.

This warranty is conditioned upon Manufacturer's receipt of notice in writing from the Buyer of the alleged defect prior to expiration of the limited warranty period and evidence that the Products were properly installed and not subject to any of the conditions described below.

Additional warranties exclusively for Prefinished Engineered and Longstrip Floors

Structure Warranty

Mohawk Industries, Inc. hereby warrants to the original buyer of Mohawk engineered and longstrip wood flooring products, that, under normal use, the plies will not separate for as long as you own your home.

Moisture Warranty

Mohawk Industries, Inc. hereby warrants to the original buyer of Mohawk engineered and longstrip wood flooring products against moisture damage due to topical spills or subfloor moisture under certain conditions for as long as you own your home.

Topical spills of normal household substances (food and beverage) must be removed promptly. Topical spills allowed to remain on the floor for any considerable time will damage the floor and void this warranty. Flooring must be installed following the Mohawk installation instructions. Plumbing accidents, leaking appliances (icemakers, dishwashers, clothes washers, etc.) are not topical spills and are not covered by our warranty.

Subfloor moisture, particularly from concrete slabs, is covered by this warranty under the following conditions: 1. The floor must be visibly dry immediately prior to installation. 2. The installation method used is the direct glue down application. 3. The installer must use Mohawk Professional Choice adhesive to install the Mohawk engineered wood floor. 4. The installer follows the Mohawk installation instructions and the instructions specified on the packaging of the Mohawk Professional Choice adhesive.

If the floor fails due to the incursion of moisture from the subfloor, Mohawk Industries will replace the damaged material at no cost to the "Buyer" one time only. This includes material only. Labor is excluded from this warranty and labor costs must be incurred by the "Buyer". Please note that this applies to engineered and longstrip wood only. The solid wood products are not approved for direct glue applications.

This limited warranty does not apply to Cabin grade or other downgraded or discontinued items. Any such Product or Products are sold "as is". MANUFACTURER HEREBY DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WHATSOEVER.

Any and all representatives, promises, warranties or statements by Manufacturer or its agents that differ in any manner from the terms of this limited warranty shall be of no force or effect unless in writing, signed by a duly authorized officer of Manufacturer.

Limitations on Liability

Buyer's exclusive remedy and Manufacturer's sole liability on any claim, whether in tort, contract, or breach of warranty, shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the defective goods for the affected area only which are proven to Manufacturer's satisfaction to be defective in manufacture or the refund of the applicable purchase price. In no event and for no cause whatsoever, including any breach or default by Manufacturer, shall Manufacturer have any other liability (including without limitation incidental or consequential damages) or any monetary liability to Buyer in excess of the contract price or prices of the pertinent Products in question. If Manufacturer shall elect to repair or replace said Products which are in proven defective. All charges should be submitted to the Customer Relations Department for evaluation and review.


While our warranty is excellent, there are some limits to it. Any of the following shall void and invalidate our warranty

Visible Defect Visible defects are those defects which are apparent on the face of the flooring. They must be noted by the installer and reported before installation so that replacement flooring can be furnished before installation

Building Settling or Uneven Subfloor
These situations are considered to be part of the pre-installation inspection process. Do not install wood flooring if these situations exist. This warranty does not cover damage caused by settling or uneven subfloors.

Improper Installation Improper installations, done in a way that is contrary to the specifications, can cause problems with a Mohawk floor. Manufacturer will not replace a floor with defects caused by improper installation.

Improper Maintenance or Inadequate Care
Your Mohawk floor requires maintenance. Please follow the instructions that are recommended by Mohawk. Seller will not replace a Mohawk product damaged by improper maintenance or inadequate care.

Accidents, Abuse or Abnormal Wear This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents or abuses that stain or scratch the finish, diminished gloss, or indent the surface of the wood. It also does not cover damage caused by heavy or concentrated foot traffic, damage by pets claws (nails), and failure to protect the floor from sand, gravel and other abrasives by use of walk off mats.

Indentations from Stiletto Heels on Shoes
A stiletto heal can concentrate as much as 2,000 pounds per square inch on the floor. This type of heel has a diameter of approximately 3/8", and walking on any wood surface with stiletto heels is considered an abusive situation. Seller will not replace any Mohawk Product damaged by stiletto heels on shoes.

Problems with Moisture or Dryness This warranty does not cover damage caused by wetting or the presence of excessive moisture, or by conditions that are too dry.

Excessive Sunlight
This can cause discoloration. Draperies or shades will usually provide adequate protection. This warranty does not cover damages or discoloration caused by excessive sunlight or Ultra Violet rays. For this reason, new and/or replacement flooring may not match display samples and/or existing flooring.

Difference from Samples This warranty does not cover the differences that can be seen between color samples and color of installed floors. Please approve the color of actual product prior to installation.

Consequential or Incidental Damages
Manufacturer expressly excludes and will not pay consequential or incidental damages under this warranty. By this, Manufacturer means any loss, expense, inconvenience or damage other than to the wood floor itself that may result from a defect in the Mohawk Product.

Your Obligation to Mohawk -- As the purchaser of our product, you agree to follow all care and maintenance directions as related to wood flooring. You also agree to allow Mohawk an opportunity to repair any claimed defects.

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